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During processes of change or significant changes in team composition, the team sometimes loses its foundation, making everything seem more difficult and causing team members to have a harder time connecting with each other. Different generations, each with varying knowledge about the organization and the team, no longer connect with each other.

Things are no longer discussed, leading to lingering issues that cloud collaboration and make new developments sluggish. Feedback is no longer given or received. Space and boundaries no longer seem clear, causing team members to take on either too little or too much responsibility.

Does this sound familiar? Then it might be time for a team development process.

A team coaching process is always tailored to your team and what is needed for the team to reconnect and grow again. Together, we explore in an introductory conversation what is happening, what is needed, and what the process could mean for your team.

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 “Every person is a child of two parents, and thereby originates from two different worlds and histories.”

Returning to where you come from to move forward. Finding meaning in events and periods from the different chapters of your life. Taking everything with you, leaving nothing behind.                                                     

 Learning to see the answer you have given to where you come from and how it has shaped you into who you are today. So that you understand how those experiences and that origin can propel you forward. And to see where they still block you in your personal and/or professional life.

Giving meaning is an invitation to lead your life in connection with yourself, your cultural and biological background, and the world around you. From within yourself, with others. Embarking on a journey of discovery to your foundation, from which you can fully live your own story. Making choices authentically, integrated with your origins, uncensored. 

Working on themes that are relevant to you in your personal and/or professional life. During coaching, we focus on you in relation to what you want to achieve. You gain insight into limiting patterns and beliefs, and practice in a safe environment with opportunities to do things differently. 


5 walking coaching sessions, each 1,5 hrs, Zeist 


6 online coaching sessions, each 1 uur  


A combination of online, walking, and on-site coaching sessions?

Ask about the possibilities available.

The above rates are private rates. Reimbursement through your employer is possible, with different rates applying in that case.

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An organizational constellation is a research method used to map out which elements and roles influence the dynamics within an organization. It reveals unconscious relationships and patterns that may hinder the effective functioning of the organization or its parts. By also examining the origin and history of an organization, the constellation provides insight into what certain resistance may be trying to communicate or achieve for the entire organization.

Organizational constellations can be used as a diagnostic tool for change management. Also for team development, strategy and policy issues, leadership challenges, vision development, and as part of a training, workshop, course, or program.

Organizational constellations can be effective for addressing various types of questions or issues. You can think of issues such as leadership challenges, recurring interpersonal conflicts, low revenue, or unexplained high absenteeism. Also, issues regarding your product-market offering or exploring different scenarios are possible. Furthermore, organizational constellations are applicable at various levels within the organization, such as within departments, between departments, or across different management levels.

An organizational constellation can be beneficial and insightful for both a sole proprietorship as well as for a team or an entire organization.

A preliminary conversation always precedes an organizational constellation.

Would you like to explore whether this method could be interesting for you or your organization? Ask about the possibilities.

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Everyone is searching for a workplace where they can truly be themselves.
A workplace where you feel that everyone’s diverse roots are accepted so they can contribute to the foundation of the team.
Dat juist het mee brengen van deze verschillende wortels bijdraagt aan de ontwikkeling, groei, verbinding en resultaat van het team.


In three sessions, we will embark on a journey of discovery into your TEAM ROOTS & WINGS. During this journey, we will explore questions and topics about the past and the present, using creative and inspiring activities that stimulate conversation, interaction, understanding, broadened perspective, deepening, enjoyment, direction, and agreements.

Session1 Personal Roots What are each person’s personal roots? Which stories are important to you? What do you bring with you, and what do you leave behind when you step into the team? What can it gain for your team if you were to bring your whole selves into it? If feedback can be given and received with respect for each other’s similarities and differences? What is needed for this to happen?

Session 2 Team Roots What is the origin of your team? Who are the culture bearers, the storytellers? How is the team shaped by its history and the origin of the team and organization? Which patterns have been formed from that foundation and serve the team? Which patterns might need to be let go of in order to flourish and grow?

Session 3 Wings Which choices do you want to make from those roots to grow and soar together? What commitments do you want to make to each other as human beings and colleagues? How will you shape this?

The journey in search of these Roots & Wings is always different, yet always unifying. It requires trust, commitment, and a willingness to be open, to see different perspectives, and thus to grow together. With yourself and with everyone in your team.

Curious about what TEAM ROOTS & WINGS sessions can bring to your team?

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Dates Family Constellations – 9.30-13.00 uur

Doorn – 2024 -2025

Saturday 2th of November 2024

Saturday 18th of January 2025

More dates will be published


A family constellation is a spatial representation of a family system.

To depict the system, we work with individuals (representatives) who represent parts of the system. In the constellation, you explore the relationships between these elements/individuals that have been set up.

For example, if you want to investigate a family issue, parts of the family system will be represented by family members.

How and what exactly happens in a family constellation is difficult to explain. t is primarily about the experience and what happens and becomes visible within the system. It is not about thinking and talking with your mind, but about doing and experiencing with your heart.

You can participate as someone who brings a question or as a representative in someone else’s constellation. Experience shows that participating in others’ constellations can also bring you personal insights.

The day takes place on-site with various questioners and representatives. I co-facilitate these days with a second systemic facilitator, Colette Schaap.

The cost for a workshop:questioner 195 euro, representative 35 euro (coffee/tea included)

Do you want more information on what a constellation day entails or what it can mean for you as a questioner or representative?

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