Sandra Nauta - van der Rijst

"With my Surinamese-Dutch roots, I know the path of discovering how to feel rooted with these two cultures, within myself"

Roots are enriching and unifying when they are allowed to be. When they are recognized by you and those around you. When you perceive them as cultural capital that you bring to the table, because they form the foundation of who you are. This is when you feel at home with yourself. A safe place to love, learn, thrive, and grow further.

As a coach and trainer, I guide people who are searching for their roots within the various worlds they live and work in. People who are seeking their own story within these worlds and are willing and daring to use it.
To know who you are, you sometimes need to return to those roots to reclaim what you have forgotten. With my Surinamese-Dutch roots, I am familiar with the journey of discovery. 

Een reis die begon doordat er heel veel vragen in mij leefden die ik niet (meer) goed kon beantwoorden: 
Where do I belong? Suriname and/or the Netherlands?
Do I have to choose or can I embrace both? 
How am I shaped by where I come from? 
What parts of myself can and should I show?
How safe or unsafe do I feel doing so? 
What do my roots bring me, and where do they hinder me? 
What choices do I make out of unconscious patterns, and which ones do I make because I genuinely want to? 
How do I remain loyal to my heritage and my family of origin?
How do I make space for everything I feel inside?
How can I connect my mind, heart and body to experience them as a whole?

I discovered that my questions were often related to “the other”. How should relate to others,society, the world? I realized that I could only relate to the world and everyone in it, if I could relate to myself. The inner and outer are inseperably linked.

This led me to on a journey of self-discovery. 
Through this journey, I was able to reconnect with who I am at my core. With both my Dutch and Surinamese heritage.  I rediscovered my inner foundation, built upon my roots. This has resulted in feeling safe when I am open and vulnerable. Feeling whole and no longer disconnected from any part of myself.

I am mother of three adult children, share a loving life with my partner, family and friends. We celebrate life together. And they holp up a mirror when needed.
These important people, my journey inward, and various trainings in Systemic Work, Transactional Analysis, NLP and Train the Trainer form the foundation from which I work with Rooted.

Travelling as a buyer for varioiuys large retail campanies, has brought me into contact with people and cultures from all over the world. International business has taught me much about respecting and valuing each other’s differences alongside the similarities. Encounters with people with different perspectives have shown me alternative paths to explore.

Through my work as a teacher, coach, process facilitator, trainer and leader in higher education, I have learned to empathize and connect with where a person or team is at. To use that as a starting point to explore together.

For me, ROOTS represents integration of the inner and outer worlds into a place from which you can continiously venture out into the world. A place where everyone can be themselve, connected to everything and everyone they feel linked to. Being curious  about yourself and others.

ROOTS stand for the journeh to discover a “Sense of Place”.


#  Phoenix Training – 3 year program – Professional Communication  (Systemic Work, TA, NLP)

# Phoenix Training – 1 year program – Trainer Training (De craft of training at identity level) 

# Bert Hellinger Insititute – 1,5 year program – System dynamics in organizations (Systemic Work and organizational constellations)

– recognized Post-HBO registery programs – 

– CRKBO geregistered – 

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My inspiration

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie discusses in this TED Talk how important it is to explore and understand different stories and perspectives. She explains how they enrich us and foster understanding both of others and of ourselves. 

Click here to watch the TED Talk.

Jitske Kramer discusses inclusion in her book “JAM Cultures,” focusing on participation, dialogue, and decision-making.

Transcultural psychiatrist Glenn Helberg shares his vision in his book ” Als ik Luister”  about the different phases of a person’s life. He explains how these phases require a renewed way of looking at yourself and the roles of those around you. This perspective helps you learn to relate to everything that makes us human: life and death, illness and adversity, our gender identity, skin color, and sexual orientation, as well as parenthood and partnership.

Conny Janssen performs with her ensemble in the dance production “HOME”. These questions such as: “Where are our roots? Where can you be who you truly are? What defines our sense of belonging?” have guided everything that is presented on stage. 

Romana Vrede provides a poignant reflection on what family can be and mean in the play “The Story of Travis”. Family ties leave an indelible mark on a person’s soul. A journey of discovery toward reconnecting with his roots.