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You want to support your team's growth with a team development process. To provide insight where the team is now, where it comes from and what it takes to move forward. You think it is important that the team feels ownership of this process by doing it together. Personal growth and team development go hand in hand.

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You live in different worlds and are looking for your own sense of home, your sense of belonging. You feel that there are important questions in your life that you need to answer for yourself, but you don't know how to start. Or do you feel that you haven't quite found your way yet, but you don't know exactly why? You feel something is holding you back, but you do not understand what it is? Are you looking for more peace in your body and mind and do you want to feel connected to yourself again?



You want to work with your team because team members do not sufficiently contribute their individuality. And it is precisely that individuality that can make the team stronger. Because you want the roots of the team, the roots of the organization and the roots of the teammembers to be part of your team. You see a lot of potential, but it is not sufficiently expressed in the collaboration between teammembers. Because you feel that if your team gains more insight into its roots, it can develop bigger wings.


Family Constellation

You keep encountering the same patterns, in relationships, within your family, at work or with yourself. With a family constellation you can make underlying dynamics visible between parts of the family system. This gives you the opportunity to gain more insight into these stressful patterns, maybe let go of them and to experiment with new behavior when you get in such a dynamic again.

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Organizational Constellation

It seems like you keep encountering the same issues. The same, but a little different each time. You have tried different things but nothing changes. With an organizational constellation you can make unconscious underlying dynamics visible between parts of the organizational system. By including the organization's origin and history, it becomes clear where the pattern originated. This awareness and the joint discussion about this can provide the opportunity to do things differently.

Who am I?

Sandra Nauta - van der Rijst

As a coach and trainer, I guide people and teams who are looking for their roots within the different worlds in which they work and live. People who are looking for their own story within those worlds. To know who you are, sometimes you have to return to those roots to retrieve what you have forgotten. It gives you the foundation to be who you are and discover what else is out there. Your individuality increases and thus you increase your contribution and your impact.

With my Surinamese-Dutch roots, I know this journey of discovery very well.

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What others say about me


Sample Service 2

"During her meetings, Sandra always provides a pleasant, safe atmosphere, creative, varied working methods and she anticipates events within the group well. She is flexible, thinks along and provides direction if necessary. She communicates and provides feedback in a pleasant way. Her friendly appearance, the warmth she brings, gives a safe feeling, which contributes positively to the development process of all participants."

-Henriett, coördinator Hogeschool Rotterdam

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Sample Service 2

"Sandra adapted to what I needed as a coachee at that moment. Not more deadlines and goals, but rather working on myself without obligation. What appealed to me is Sandra's determination. Things I have been doing all my life, for example when it comes to wasting time in a conversation or not having to answer, she immediately sees through it and mirrors you. This has made me more aware of the things I do and the mannerisms I have taught myself. I achieved a lot in a (relatively) short period of six sessions."

- Allard, consultant-


Sample Service 2

"We have been able to experience several training courses from Sandra at KlokGroep B.V. The training courses were really gifts for the team. As part of the training, the participants learned to give constructive feedback and are inspired to to put this into practice. Sandra is a great trainer in many respects"

-Josta, HRM manager KlokGroep B.V.-


SampleService 2

"It was a very deep experience for me that has a positive aftereffect"
"Thank you very much for the wonderful guidance with intense attention!"

-Ariane, participant with a question-

"I thought it was a very beautiful and special day that I definitely wouldn't have wanted to miss. It gave me insight. It's special to see an energetic representation of yourself and I thought: Yes, I recognize this! And what loving guidance!"

- Hanneke, participant with a question-